Level 3 Processing

The use of Commercial credit cards, like Purchasing, GSA, Business, or Corporate cards, has become more and more common as corporations and government agencies replace paper purchase orders with electronic payments. Submitting Level 3 Card Data with these purchases maximizes interchange savings. Level 3 Payment Technology is designed specifically to submit Level 3 Card Data on commercial credit card transactions.

3Delta® Systems’ EC-Zone is a browser-based hosted payment solution designed specifically for processing Purchasing, GSA, Commercial, Corporate, and other Business cards. Prompting for and storing line item detail or “Level 3” information such as, Item Part Number, Item Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price etc., ensures interchange qualification and substantially lowers processing costs.

Burlington Bank Card offers a complete line of credit card processing equipment including credit card machines, wireless credit card terminals, credit card software, PIN pads, and iPhone credit card apps.

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