Ecommerce Gateways

Burlington Bank Card offers a complete line of credit card and payment processing solutions for E-Commerce including API payment gateways, turn-key online payment portals, fraud prevention tools, and specialized solutions for recurring billing and card-on-file environments.


A leading payment gateway since 1996, Authorize.Net offers a secure and reliable PCI compliant gateway capable of real-time credit and debit card processing, recurring billing, and an easy-to-use Virtual Terminal for manual entry or Batch Upload of transactions. Easy integration to over 80 certified shopping carts and a Verified Merchant Seal create customer confidence while maintaining the look and feel of your website. Proprietary business tools, extensive online reporting and customer management tools, and the latest in data security and fraud prevention ensure trouble free transaction processing from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Virtual Merchant

The Virtual Merchant payment gateway provides a fully PCI compliant solution for real-time online credit and debit card processing via seamless integration to your shopping cart and a Virtual Terminal featuring a highly efficient multiple-entry mode for key entering non-real-time transactions. Virtual Merchant supports recurring and installment payments, dynamic currency conversion, both 3-D Secure and 3-D Secure XML integration, V/MC Account Updaters, business rules for automatic flagging of ecommerce transactions needing further review and BIN prompting for Level II card data to optimize interchange rates and lower processing costs. A hosted solution ensures compliance with PCI and other card association regulations and eliminates the need for software installation or periodic updates.