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Noble Exchange with Intelligent Rate

Noble Exchange with Intelligent Rate

  • Calculate Card Cost In Real-Time.
  • Pass On The Cost By Card Type.
  • $0 Cost Card Acceptance.

The Noble Exchange platform delivers a breakthrough actual-cost calculator and easy-to-integrate payment gateway that adjusts the fees for charge cards in proportion to what each transaction actually costs.

  • Automatically calculate site fees based on card type.
  • Pass on the real cost of card acceptance.
  • 100% revenue neutral card acceptance.
  • Choose either a flexible API integration or a turn-key, no programming required, secure payment page.

Many municipalities choose to pass on a fee for processing to their constituents, but those constituents need not pay a flat rate to make a payment: 3.00%, etc. A flat rate forces a payer with a low-cost card to subsidize a payer with an expensive rewards card. Instead, a payer with a low-cost debit card can pay less (less than 1%).