Zero Cost Credit

Zero Cost Credit Surcharging

Zero Cost Credit Surcharging

  • Credit: The Customer Pays The Processing Fee.
  • Debit: The Business Pays The Processing Fee.
  • Accept Credit Cards At 0% Cost. Achieve 100% Compliance.
  • Surcharge On A Terminal, A Web Broswer, Or Online Via Seamless Integration To Your Website.

The Card Associations now allow merchants to charge a surcharge on credit card sales. Merchants are not allowed to charge a surcharge on debit card sales.

Zero Cost Credit provides a 100% compliant surcharging solution for every way you accept credit cards: on a terminal, via web browser, on mobile devices, and online via API integration or secure hosted payment page. 

Card Brand Rules On Surcharging. Zero Cost Credit Solution.

1. The merchant must be registered with the card brands.

  • Zero Cost Credit completes each registration on your behalf.

2. The merchant must inform their customers of the credit card fee with appropriate signage at the store entrance (if applicable) and at the point-of-purchase.

  • Zero Cost Credit provides you with all the necessary signage, keeping customers informed, and keeping you compliant.

3. The amount of the credit card fee must not exceed 4% and the merchant must not profit from the credit card fee.

  • Zero Cost Credit passes on a 3.5% credit card fee. You receive 100% of your sale - no more or less.

4. The credit card fee and the price of the product or service must be processed together as one transaction.

  • Zero Cost Credit the credit card fee and the purchase amount as one transaction.

5. The receipt must show the amount of the credit card fee as a separate line item.

  • Zero Cost Credit produces a receipt that itemizes the credit card fee.

6. The merchant must not apply a fee to debit cards.

  • Zero Cost Credit automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee.

Zero Cost Credit is not available in all states and in some states additional terms apply.